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Continuing our Valentine’s Day series, today we will be talking about Valentine’s Day parties and have some inspiration to spruce up your event.

Whether planning a party for work or for your friends (single or not), there are fun ways to make everyone feel loved on Valentine’s Day. We found décor, savory and sweet treats, and of course valentine’s to make your event unique.

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Marsala is officially Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015! A little information about the color from Pantone:

Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.

The Versatility of Marsala

  • Equally appealing to men and women, Marsala is a stirring and flavorful shade for apparel and accessories, one that encourages color creativity and experimentation
  • Flattering against many skin tones, sultry and subtle Marsala is a great go-to color for beauty, providing enormous highlight for the cheek, and a captivating pop of color for nails, shadows lips and hair.
  • Dramatic and at the same time grounding, the rich and full-bodied red-brown Marsala brings color warmth into home interiors
  • An earthy shade with a bit of sophistication, texture is the story in print and packaging. A matte finish highlights Marsala’s organic nature while adding a sheen conveys a completely different message of glamor and luxury.

In honor of the color of the year, we’ve created a Pinterest board to help you utilize the color throughout your party planning needs! Check out some of our favorite pins below and additional on our board!

It’s that time of year! Halloween is just around the corner and pumpkins are everywhere to be found! Why not make your pumpkin stand out from the crowd with some fun glitter designs! Then adorn your tabletop, front door and any other area in your home with these fun, easy to make decor items!

To glitter your pumpkin:

1. Spray the top and middle portion of a pumpkin with spray adhesive. While the glue is still wet, use a spoon to sprinkle glitter over the sticky surface of the pumpkin. Allow to dry

2. Pick up the pumpkin and shake off any glitter that didn’t fully adhere. Set the pumpkin aside and fold the craft paper to funnel the excess glitter back into its original container.


Who could resist these gold glittered polka dot pumpkins! Use multiple colors of glitter for a more unique look.

Today we bring you our Unwrapped series featuring Manjiree and Hardik’s ceremony outfit! The most common questions we get asked when we post images from weddings we plan and coordinate to our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterst are- What did she wear? Where did she get her outfit from and is there any significance behind the clothing and color choices she made?  To help answer some of these questions we started a series called, Unwrapped!

A special thank you to Photographick Studios for providing us with detailed images to share today!

Q: Where did you get your ceremony sari from? Do the colors have any significance?

A.  My sister actually did most of the shopping (with me via Whatsapp and FaceTime) in Pune when she went for our cousin’s wedding last year.  She got my ceremony sari at Rangavarsha in Pune.  The traditional outfit for a Marathi bride is a yellow sari with the green glass bangles which I also wore. I opted to have the green border on my sari to match the bangles.  We got Hardik’s sherwani to coordinate with the green in my sari and bangles.

Q: Where did Hardik get your ring from and how did he propose?

A. All three of our rings are Tacori, but we bought them through a local store in Philadelphia.  Hardik proposed to me at my condo in April 2013.  He did four different set ups around the condo.  When I came home, there was a sign on the door telling me to go to the first set up.  Each set up had rose petals, candles, little momentos/memories and a box. At the first three set ups, the box was filled with pictures from different parts of my life (family/childhood, friends/college, and our relationship) and ended with a card telling me where to find the next set up. The boxes each had one word on top which read “Will you marry” and he was waiting at the final spot with the box which said “me?” and had the ring in it.

Q: Where is your ceremony jewelry from- has any of it been passed down in your family?

A. My ceremony jewelry set was actually my mom’s wedding jewelry, except for the bangles which were new.

Q: Any other details you would like to “unwrap”?

A. My ceremony shoes were low wedges which my sister got in India as I wanted to make sure I had low heels so my sari wouldn’t drag when I took them off for the ceremony.  I also ordered the clay flower hairpiece from DK Design on etsy both because I was afraid a real flower would wilt, and also because I have allergies to flowers.  My parents also got the shawls for the ceremony so they matched our outfits and color theme.

Q: Any tips for future brides?

A: For any future bride who is doing her wedding shopping in Pune, finding the bridesmaids saris was the biggest challenge.  There’s a tiny shop on Prabhat Road, Lane 11 called Lavanya who custom dyed the saris for us so we could get four matching ones in the exact colors I wanted.  She does all our sari blouse tailoring so my sister thought to ask her, but my sister looked all over town prior to that and no one else could do four matching saris.  Hopefully that tip saves someone a ton of time with their shopping!

Since posting Priya and Robbie’s wedding pictures on the blog earlier this week (HERE) we’ve received a great deal of interest in her bridal outfit! We’ve reached out to our gorgeous bride and Priya has graciously agreed to “unwrap” her bridal outfit for us! Today she has offered to share a little more detail about our ceremony outfit and where she obtained each piece from!

Priya’s wedding ceremony sari was from Kalanikethan in Cochin, Kerala. Her lovely Aunt had it custom tailored to ensure the blouse and petticoat fit Priya perfectly. We love the details in this fabric and the way it elegantly glittered in the sun.

Priya’s stunning engagement ring and wedding band were custom designed by her groom, Robbie. He custom-design both rings through Jared!


Her amazing shoes were Jimmy Choo!

Her wedding jewelry is made up of family heirlooms passed down to her from her grandmother, mother and aunt. We love this these layered necklaces.

Priya’s mangal sutra was designed by her in-laws! The Broughtons designed the pendant with the assistance of Commonwealth Silver in Danville, VA. Her mangal sutra includes the Claddagn design. The unique characteristics of the Claddagh design are associated with the virtues of love (the heart), loyalty (the crown), and friendship (the hands). Originating in the ancient village of Claddagh near Galway, Ireland, this symbol represents the intentions of the heart.

Additional Details: