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Your wedding is and should be the most wonderful and perfect day of your life. To create a unique experience for yourself and set the tone for your wedding, it is becoming increasingly trendy to “brand” your wedding. You’ve heard us discuss branding frequently, but what does that really mean? Creating a brand is creating a theme that is solely yours as a couple. That includes a theme, color scheme, logo, and overall tone of your wedding day. Your theme could be fun and carefree, classy, romantic, or a number of other tones. How you tailor that to your wedding becomes your wedding brand. Consider the following as your capture your theme and develop your brand:

  1. Wedding theme: What speaks to you as a couple? Are you both carefree and want a beach themed wedding with water guns and Hawaiian shirts? If so, capture this as the underlying theme to your brand. Consider save-the-dates, invitations, and a website that expresses this theme and consider a venue that will allow the use of water guns and other beach-worthy props.
  2. Color scheme: Your color scheme does not need to be all inclusive. That is to say, if your colors are teal and gold, all of your letterhead, invitations, website, décor, flowers, etc. need to be those 2 colors. Instead, consider having a color scheme palette where you can weave your theme into each of the elements of your wedding either subtly or moderately.
  3. Logo: Your logo is the single image that indicates your wedding. Generally, couples opt to use their initials or names as a logo in a color from their color scheme. Use a script or background that speaks to your theme. To really “brand” your wedding, develop your logo early and use it on your save-the-dates, invitations, website, welcome bags, gobos, thank you cards, and everywhere you would like to personalize your event.

We’re elated to announce our newest bi-weekly feature, Custom Branding Tuesdays! As you may know, Project Bride DC offers custom branding to all of our clients! Check this space on Tuesday for some of our latest designs, tips and branding trends!

We at Project Bride DC believe that each and every love story is unique. Two individuals coming together, have experiences that shape who they are as people, and as a couple. That unique love story is a brand built by those two people. It looks and feels a certain way.

A wedding presents an opportunity to bring that brand to life. A brand that is so much more than just a custom logo or color scheme. It is one that captures the couple’s essence and expresses it through custom invitations, programs, menus, favors, etc.

Once we create your custom branding you are free to use it in your wedding Save the Dates, Wedding Website, Wedding Invitations, Wedding Signs, Menu Cards, Programs, Welcome Bags, Favors, Thank You Cards…the list goes on and on.  A few custom monograms we created for recent clients are below!

Vicky and Manuj Custom Branding

Vicky and Manuj Custom Branding

Reena and Akshay Custom Branding

Reena and Akshay Custom Brandin